Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Paraponera (Beta) - Local Network Sniffer

Paraponera - Local Network Sniffer is my latest project and is still under development.

With Paraponera you can sniff the LAN and capture images, passwords, hijack web sessions and exploit vulnerable computers.

Scannig the Network

Sniffed Images

Sniffed Password (Facebook)

Exploit Computer

And by the way you only need to know how to use your mouse....

UPDATE: Paraponera Framework

To Install (Using Kali Linux):

apt-get install python-nmap
git clone
cd paraponera
Run it:
Paraponera was developed for Kali but you can install in any distro just keep in mind that you will need:

In the you can add custom form fields to capture passwords, and you should change the applications paths if your not using Kali.

Remember that this is still in beta version so you will find some bugs.

Known bugs/Issues:
  • Exploit Tab: MSF Command is not working properly (quick "fix" leave the default checkbox checked) 
  • Scan Tab: OS not showing  FIXED
Hope you like it so far, and don't forget to send some feedback.


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